Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 is My Magic Number

I haven't blogged in two months. Most likely because my world has officially been rocked. For my nine months of pregnancy I had the voice of my eldest brother in the back of my head "three is going to rock your world, it is much harder than two and once you get past three it is nothing, but three, three is hard." At the time I thought "thanks, appreciate the confidence and encouragement." However, I have seen the light, know the truth and am a testimony to "three is hard." Did you know that three is a pretty significant number in literature, religion, history and so on? In of course Christianity you have the Holy Trinity; the Greeks and Romans had 3 Graces; the Vikings, 3 Norms; Shakespeare, 3 witches; Buddhism has the 3 Jewels. The Chinese think 3 is a good number because the word is similar to the word "life." Supposedly when plays were written (especially Shakespear's) the writer would repeat things 3 times to address the three sides of the audience right, front and left. Things were also repeated three times in books, plays and music to make a point force you to remember. If you say something once you are purely stating a fact, if you say something twice it could be coincidence, but three times- that is to prove a point. If you google information about the number 3 you can see that the list goes on and on. I tell you what I think of the number 3- it rocked my world, it is hard, and yes it is filled with LIFE.

My sweet little Ava was a different bird from the get go. The pregnancy was harder, she did NOT STOP moving while in Utero ( my other two had very distinct awake and asleep times). I had not one but five false alarms thinking I was in labor. I tried to do this delivery natural for some ridiculous reason and ended up having a C-section because this little stinker was happy where she was and would be danged to come out one minute sooner. I labored for weeks with this child. And all for what? LIFE. Ava in some name books means "filled with life" and I knew the Lord gave me that name- Jeffery and I disagreed for weeks on it. Her spirit filled life has continued as an infant- she wanted to sleep all day and not at night the first week she was home, then decided she liked the night and wanted to stay awake all day to see what was going on, who was doing what and if she liked it or not and then would scream in the evenings because she was so exhausted from not sleeping all day. I am not sure "spiritually speaking" where this blog is taking me BUT God has given me life through this little girl coupled with my two others and I am suddenly becoming more aware of life around me. They love on her, dote on her "Pet" her all the time. Three has become my favorite number. We have gone from controled chaos to just plain chaos and I love it.

We were blessed enough to take Lily Grace to see Mary Poppins with our awesome friends Nathan and Celia and there sweetie Mia. MY GOSH the life that came out of those two girls that night! Even at dinner they could not sit still. There little dresses, holding there hands walking downtown to the "real theater not the movie theater" and there precious beautiful faces so filled with LIFE when they watched the dancing and singing. I truly will never forget that picture of life... I want to look like that at the things I am surrounded by, in awe, wonder and disbelief that I am this lucky...

Yes, I am exhausted, yes there are times when I feel like a horrible parent because I have raised my voice handed out spankings one too many times in one day... even as I write this blog I gave the kids a frustrated bath because I HAD to. Or I feel like a horrible wife because at the end of the day when I can say I love you I cant even get it out because my body is slowly shutting off for the night. But, I love it. There are two quotes I love from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" one I will share at another time the other is when the mother says to the daughter "I gave you life so that you could live." What an awesome statement from the Lord. And what a wonderful gift we have as women to give life. I know my three angels 9 months longer than anyone else- that is AWESOME. I was reminded of this gift today as one of my best friends Graylynn brought sweet baby James into the world- what a privelidge what an awesome thing we women can do. Even women that cannot physically give birth or conceive... they sure as heck can give life. I have truly lived these last 8 weeks and soaked in all the chaos that the Lord has blessed me with: 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 jobs(that I get to stay at home and do), a traveling husband, wonderful friends and a partridge in a pear tree. The Lord has given me so much life so that I may live it. I can only hope that i honor Him in what I do on a daily basis.

So I guess what you can grab from this... He gave you life so that you could live it, live it well and without complaint. Look around you every second at the life He has given us...

For Ava McKay Alexander
July 9th, 2010
8lbs 6ozs
21 inches long
"practically perfect in every way"