Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy times!

WOW what a crazy few months it has been! I totally wimped out on the blog thing, thinking that I was totally inadequate but I take it back. I think the Lord could do some good things for myself and for others!

so first just a little update: We are expecting our third, yes our third baby in July! I am crazy right? We just found out recently that it is a girl. I just cannot imagine room in this house for another girl with Lily Grace filling it so well with her little shining light. BUT at my last Doctors apointment I was told this new baby girl was going to be fiesty! Any time the doctor would try to find the heartbeat baby girl would kick her! SO, I am thinking this one will be filled with life as well! Any recommendations for names are welcome we are stumped!

Lily Grace had her "miss manners" tea party this week at school and it was just too precious for words. All of the children were dressed up the boys in suites and the girls in "fancy" dresses and they drank from real china cups and used cloth napkins and learned their manners from their amazing teacher. Lily Grace is such a little pleaser already she was trying so hard to everything perfectly- I think when Tripp gets into that class we will have a different story to tell :) He is ALL boy and no room for anything else. He is either LOUD or LOUDER and I love it. How blessed am I to have one of each? The princess and the cowboy?

I have had some friends going through some hard times lately and the Lord gave me this either last week or the week before and it has been speaking to me since I hope it does for maybe the one person who reads this!

" As Christians we know, in theory at least, that the life of a child of God there are no second causes, that even the most unjust and cruel things, as well as all seemingly pointless and undeserved sufferings have been permitted by God as GLORIOUS opportunities for us to react to them in such a way that our Lord and Savior is able to produce in us, little by little, His own LOVELY character." - Hannah Howard

I love the word Lovely and long to be that , to have that lovely character. I am realizing now, all the things that need to occur to shape that in myself!


  1. welcome to the blogging world liz! excited to follow you :)

  2. Very proud of you for stepping out in faith...again!! God has already used you to bless so many. Now He will continue to do so through your blog! God Bless!