Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slow down...soak it in... 31daychallenge #day8

This will be short and sweet I'm tired! 
Tonight we had the privilege to attend the Catawba valley YoungLife banquet. I LOVE it. As soon as my kids get a little bit older I'm jumping on that bandwagon. The way these people invest in lives is amazing and all with and through Jesus. I love hearing testimonies from the kids, they are so real so honest. It is also terrifying. They give you scary statistics that really we already know but hearing them... Uh. I'm not ready for middle or high school. Lately I have been hearing The Lord tell me to slow down. 

Don't get excited I don't think he means for me to stop doing what I do or my jobs, hobbies ect.... But with my kids. I decided the last two days to TRY to treat the kids 1) like they were a gift 2) they are not mine and they are a privilege and 3) like any minute could be my last. I have not done the best job, I still get irritated but it has slowed me down. I want to watch them, listen to them, answer their questions, talk to them about Jesus, about school. I have noticed especially with Ava and Max how much life comes out of such little beings. They make people laugh and smile, they are so approachable to others. People love to stop and talk to them and I have loved watching it. I decided to slow down with Tripp, even though he can be relentless with asking for new toys or asking for play dates or what can we do today that is "fun" I have loved watching him play, loved him showing me his Legos saying "mommy aren't you so proud of me?" And me taking the time to answer. Lily Grace is already entering the "attitude" phase. She has really given it to me and I have been at a loss on how to communicate. It's so hard with her because there are three others running around 90 miles an hour to give her what she needs. So, she and I decided tonight we would have a secret journal that we would write to one another in. She LOVED the idea. Something for just us. I was so much better at communicating with letters and notes, written word (hmmmmm) than I was in conversation, I'm thinking she is the same way so I am praying this works! I sat down to write my first "letter" to her and I felt this sudden pressure. Oh my gosh, I have to make this really meaningful, really important and I have to give her really good advice, and I have to leave it at a second grade reading level... Crap. Bad idea. Then, again I heard it, slow down, soak in, simplify. Really all she needs to hear from me is I love you, Jesus loves you and I am here. I wrote a little bit more than that but that was about it... Even in Young Life tonight the two kids that shared really shared it all just boils down to people who pour into them that love Jesus. And that's like the easiest thing for me to do, love him...

Slow down, soak it up, love Jesus

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